MOMOFUKU SEIOBO lucky peaches

Momofuku sounds like a naughty play on words but in Japanese it means "lucky peach".  It also happens to be the first name of the gent who invented instant ramen.  If you have ever been able to secure a booking at Momofuku then well aren't you a lucky peach.  Their "I don't care who you are" philosophy means that they only take bookings ten days in advance.   We snagged a booking for four for lunch on 9 November 2012.  

Oh sweet sweet memories ...

snacks   nori, blood, chicharone

nori, blood, chicharone

steamed buns  pork, cucumber, hoisin

steamed buns
pork, cucumber, hoisin

pink snapper  celery, mustard

pink snapper
celery, mustard

potato   watercress, bottarga

watercress, bottarga

quail  cucumber, lemon aspen 

cucumber, lemon aspen 

zucchini  konbu, yolk

konbu, yolk

hapuka  white asparagus, black garlic

white asparagus, black garlic

pork neck           cabbagem oyster

pork neck 

 cabbagem oyster

curd   blackcurrant, thyme

blackcurrant, thyme

pear  honey cream, muntries

honey cream, muntries

donut   caramel, pig's fat

caramel, pig's fat

eat art truck

I would follow this bad boy around the streets of Sydney.  I wish I did.  There is nothing like comparing Eat Art Truck tales with foodie friends.  My adventure was one at Carriageworks, an amazing art space managed by wonderful friend.  

I think you are cute

Kawa is one of those hidden gems that are hard to stumble upon.   Luckily I had a little insider information from the finley threaded beauty behind Joveeba.  Nestled by shady trees on Crown Street in Surry Hills, it is the perfect spot to start a day in Sydney.  

We sat on the footpath people watching.  The day unfolding in the comforting aromas of cheesy toast and coffee.   Offering the usual breakfast staples with that homemade touch, it felt you stopped by a loved one's for humble eats.   So quaint, so cute. 

ramen + radiohead

We were blessed  to tackle the Sydney eating scene with the wonderful Ai-Ling of Food Endeavours of the Blue Apocalypse.  Or else, we would never have stumbled upon this hidden gem.  We stopped at Gumshara Ramen before being mesmerised by Radiohead.  Bottom left hand corner is the Super Mega Ramen ... super mega amazing!     

diner style

Part basement dive bar, part diner.  The dishes coming out of the kitchen at The Dip is bonafide comfort food at its best.  This is the place you go to hang with friends any night of the week to reminisce about snowballing at school discos.