SEE | YALLINGUP GUGELHUPF (Yallingup, Western Australia)

The shape of the Gugelhupf Cake comes from  special mould to give the 'King of Cake' its crown shape.  Yallingup Gugelhupf sources the best ingredients and bakes in genuine ceramic moulds. You'll find gugelhupf loaves in a range of savoury and sweet flavours. One for the roadtrip list.



Established by Drew and Rosemary Brent-White in 1998, Windance Estate is a family owned and operated vineyard. Just five kilometres south of the picturesque Yallingup beach and in the heart of the Margaret River wine region, the team at Windance focus on producing quality wines whilst incorporating sustainable land management and environmentally friendly viticultural practices.  

 Sometimes it takes a stroke of luck to stumble upon these little gems whilst venturing the South-West. We always pop in for a tasting in their humble little tasting shed and always leave with a case of award winning wine.  


GOURMET ESCAPE a bounty of local produce

My haul of exquisite local produce from Margaret River Farmers' Markets and Gourmet Escape, plus the little adventures in between.  

Gourmet Escape Margaret River Farmers Market

DO | FEAST IN THE FOREST (Gourmet Escape)

Ben and Elvis from Porteno. An old shearing shed with stunning rustic decor. Akrady lamb cooking over the fire. Local produce.  Feast in the Forest was everything I've ever wanted from an afternoon down south.  

Twas a frantic morning in the office when tickets to the satellite events at Gourmet Escape went on sale.  I think I leapt out of my chair, fist in the air, yelling yessssss!

It was so lovely to step away from the stiff corporate hoo haa and just experience an amazing feast where the food simply spoke for itself.

Charred toast with romesco and marinated sardines
Water crackers with morcilla and smoked oyster mayo
Black lipped mussels in chilli and black bean

Leeuwin Estate Wines was on the pour and Colonial Brewing Company's latest addition, #1.  I swear when I go to edit my photos, every second photo has a dirty big man thumb in the background (thanks Ryan!).  The photo ahead just took it one further as he found another recruit.  

Cordero a la cruz - wood fired lamb with chimichurri
Crispy fried brussel sprouts with lentils and mint
BBQ peppers with ricotta. chilli and garlic
Ensalada clasica - tomato and onion salad

Porteno pavlova

Best job in the world!

Just when you think you have a pretty ace wicket, Rich Keam comes along and knocks you for six.  Rich is the lucky winner of the Best Job in the World competition which allows him to travel through Western Australia sampling all the glorious produce we have to offer.  Rich wanted to check out the goods on Beaufort Street and joined us for our Roving Dinner.  Look out for Rich at the Beaufort Street Festival, he will be making a couple of appearances on the Food Stage.  

Sarah Turnbull (TourismWA), Rich Keam (Taste Master) and myself at Mary Street Bakery

Sarah Turnbull (TourismWA), Rich Keam (Taste Master) and myself at Mary Street Bakery