Giving Up the Ghosts

A lone tree looms in the background, its bare limbs sorrowfully mirroring the sad girl on stage. She paces back and forth frustrated, back and forth past the worn car seats that litter the stage. Circling the car, she looks into the distance with wild, manic eyes. The girl checks her watch and shakes her head. The mood of the theatre grows uneasy with her consuming panic as she paces and circles some more.

‘Giving Up the Ghosts’ follows the story of an unlikely pair. After connecting on an internet forum, Ruth and Steve plan to meet a week later, both with their hearts set on the same ill fate. A secluded beaten track, off a quiet country road, is the perfect place to be forgotten.

Ruth, neurotic and still living at home, has never really known happiness, whilst Steve an affable truckie feels lost and hopeless. Based on a real event in the UK where two strangers meet online to commit suicide, this compelling production explores the story of two souls rather than the act itself. What unfolds is a tender and honest depiction of the human heart and how easy it is to break.

Georgia King and Paul Grabovac deliver stand out performances in this dark and brooding new works by emerging talent, Sarah Young. The dialogue is thoughtful yet wry, the intimacy of the Blue Room providing the perfect setting for this provocative piece to unfold.

‘Giving Up the Ghosts’ is showing at the Blue Room until 12 July and is part of the Winter Arts Season. For more info visit the Blue Room Theatre.