Old Lira

Saturday night in calls for three things.  Booze, pizza and a movie.  Luckily for us we have a fave new local.  One that offers simple combinations of the freshest ingredients lovingly scattered on hand stretched sourdough.  

After a trip through Rome sampling the finest of pizza and a good season or two popping up at markets all over town, Gubs and Steph took the next step.  They planted their feet and set up shop in Bayswater.  Their little pizza place is tucked between a wonderfully convenient bottle-o and a rickety old car yard lit up by the words 'pizza is for lovers'.  Opened only in August, Old Lira is already a busy little joint where you can dive into pizza three nights of the week. 


3. Pepperoni, mozzarella, marash pepper
6. Mixed mushrooms, baked ricotta, mozarella
12. Olives, feta, rocket

The Perks of being a Wallflower

The Perks of being a Wallflower

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rustic Italian eats

Mangiare e felicita; eating is happiness.  This is a belief that most certainly resonates with me and that La Svolta lives by.  Tucked away on Cecil Place in Prahran this authentic Italian trattoria is warm and friendly serving up traditional fare from all corners of 'The Boot'.  

This pizzeria is favoured by our friends at Totem Onelove and was the perfect haven for a Stereosonic team dinner.  The wonderful thing about dining in such astute company is knowing that no one is shy to eat and the ordering of many dishes to share is encouraged.   The table was laden with crispy calamari, tasting plates brimming with cuts of cured meats and cheese, pizzas, pastas, more pastas, risotto and sides drowned with generous offerings of wine.  This is teaming building at its best. 

With each bite of happiness you know in your heart that the recipe was created by a Nonna somewhere.  You can imagine a child clutching at legs, every inch of the kitchen bench top floured, each piece of pasta lovingly shaped whilst a big pot of passata bubbles away on the stove.  If only all Italian dining experiences, outside of the home, were this humble, delicious and true.  


La Svolta
3-5 Cecil Place
Prahran VIC 
Ph: 03 9510 3001

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I must be growing up (old). Rather than partying on through the night after Creamfields I opted for a post festival Saturday night in with pizza, red wine and a movie. I stopped off at Crust Mt Lawley owned by my lovely friend Foodie Cravings and her burgerboy. I ordered the Supreme and Pesto Chicken ahead and fought every demon to not open the box before I got home. I always start with just one slice of each, before I know it I am three slices in, then its bed time and we have eaten every morsel and swear to eat salad tomorrow.  This is a perfect Saturday night.

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Ciao Italia

Hundreds of people line up every single weekend to get a table. It's the place you drive past and think I really must go there one day.  YES YOU MUST.  Ciao Italia is possibly the best Italian casual restaurant that Perth has to offer and far too many people know about it.  It is full of life, laughter and loads of satisfied smiling customers.  And with the lovely waitstaff and the checked tablecloths you cannot help but fall in love.  We just grabbed takeaway to sit on the couch.  Do yourself a favour and don't wait as long as I did. 20120424-212952.jpg

Calabrese pizza ~ whole peeled tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, mild Italian sausage, onion, roast capsicum, fresh chopped tomato and chilli Rigatoni buongustaia ~ fresh mushrooms, onions, Italian sausage, peas tossed in a tomato cream based sauce

Dough Pizza

William Street is a breeding ground of new eateries and bars. Whilst I truly miss Sparrow and my smiling asian friend being astounded at how much my sisters and I can eat ... I really loved Dough.  Whilst a little on the expeno side, its a cheery place to grab an easy lunch or dinner with friends and byo is always a thumbs up. 20120418-005151.jpg

tappjno aperitivo analcolico ... yep I took the bottles homes (don't judge) The Farmer ~ bianca potato crumbed italian sausage spanish onions n rosemary Diavola ~ margherita ventricina kalamatta olives roasted capsicum n chilli