G: a wild performance of your greenest dreams

Considered the Hamlet of ballet, Giselle deals with all spectrums of life even its darkest corners. G is Gary Stewart’s raw deconstruction of traditional Giselle.  The classic elements of death, gender, jealousy, the supernatural, betrayal and hysteria are stunningly captured in this jaw-dropping production. 

A rolling LED screen leads each dancer onto stage introducing each character, lighting the stage a vivid green.   The plot unravels in a flood of green and the stage is suddenly held hostage by this high-octane physical performance. The dancers only enter the stage from the left and only exit on the right.  They move left to right, each dancer as utterly captivating as the last.  

G is highly energetic and immeasurably engaging.  The 11 dancers of Australian Dance Theatre push themselves to their physical limits breathing fire and fresh life into ballet. Hauntingly beautiful movements are suddenly shadowed by the twist and contortion of bodies.  Every movement is explored with a stunning heart racing score of electronic music.  The most enthralling element being the dancer’s expressions.   Anguish, hatred, shock and every possible raw emotion were clear as day to the audience already mesmerised by the explosive choreography.

G is the wildest performance of your greenest dreams.  Showing at the State Theatre for another two nights G will have very few tickets left so be sure to start sprinting to the box office. G will leave you short of breath, wanting to take another hit.