Casa Mexicana - El Compa

Dining at this little cantina is like being welcomed into the home of your Mexican friend.    It's that house you visit and think gosh I wish I lived here. After all El Compa’s name translates to ‘Mexican house-best mate’. 

Warm and inviting with cheery plastic tables swathed with brown paper and crayons to scribble.  Not too trendy with not a sniff of tex-mex, El Compa is somewhere in the middle and it has found it's sweet spot.

Generous servings of guacamole and corn, soft tacos filled with carnita and cactus and sticky de luce drizzled over crepes.  A perfect little haunt for a cheap night out.   

The Imp

Vic Park always feels a little out of the way but I really do need to venture into this neck of the woods more often.   Alisha and I rarely catch up but when we do we order, eat and ramble like as old friends do.

I feel as though I missed the window to dine at The Imp.  It is almost like I am a little late, like I arrived at a party when half of the guests had already left.  If I do not visit within the first three months I always feel a little jaded by all that I have heard.  Rather than be fed by the stories of others, I always prefer to arrive at a venue with a clear head without the order this and don't order that swimming around inside my head. 

I am always a little forlorn at the news the crispy pork belly was off the menu.  However,  the beef shin came with recommendation and served with charred spring onions and sticky soy sauce.  The meat just melted in your mouth and sinfully sweet goo was joy.  We also ordered the duck and fig frittata bites served with rocket and truffle oil and finished chatting over a cheeseboard.

My photos are so horrendous but you get the drift.  The Imp is a great little spot for an easy and tasty dinner with long lost friends.  

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