West End Deli

We have always dubbed ourselves "booty babes".  The four of us all became close after a gruelling two months of bootcamp when we used to be fit and run up and down Jacobs and Kokoda for fun.  We always say ... yea we should really get back to booty huh .. I hate that I have lost my fitness ... we were sooooo skinny ... ummm we havent been since 2008, maybe thats why. Our catch ups these days are far more sensible, over one or all of the following: caffeine, booze, soul nourishing food.

I just love West End Deli. Its pretty timeless and has never ever failed me.   I could eat the mushroom terrine with blue cheese butter every day for the rest of my life.

20120418-005129.jpgBooty - the ample behind I am now sporting.