I remember first meeting Matt and Marcela at Twilight Hawkers Market in early 2011. I had been following the food tweets and travels of Abstract Gourmet so it was great to put his gorgeous mug to an avatar. Matt and Marcela are always busy educating the good people of Perth with their divine empanadas. Perfect little pillows of labour and love. From Mondo's on a Saturday to Subiaco Farmers Market to feeding the frenzy that was Beaufort Street Festival, there is always a line at Marcelita's and you are never disappointed ... unless they run out. So lovely to know call them both my friends, sharing so many laughs and so much good food. I instantly fell in love with them both (or maybe it was the empanadas).


My first food date with my bf was a trip to Twilight Hawkers Market. It was before he realised how awesome I was. We wolfed down all sorts of dishes but my favorite was sharing empanadas followed by marmite chicken at Hawkers Hut. He had me at double dinner.