If you want fresh, fast and healthy then Zambrero is your answer.  Jamie and Eli opened their Mt Lawley store just in time for the Beaufort Street Festival. Following in the footsteps of big bro Leederville, the Mt Lawley store is always packed.  The line is full of patient peeps waiting to sink their teeth into quality ingredients and Mex with modern attitude.  I tend to opt for a salad bowl and I always get verde and white sauce. Oh how delish! When life gets busy I probably scoff a salad bol two times a week.

Happiness in a soft tortilla.

These two dudes are the owners!


This is the part about Zambrero that really hits home.

"Our plate4plate initiative has been running since April 2011. We work with Action Against Hunger, to provide high protein, high vitamin meals that help strengthen people suffering malnutrition.

Each quarter, we add up all the meals¹ we have served at Zambrero and deliver the resources to provide the equivalent number of meals to our distribution partner, Action Against Hunger, who provide the logistics to distribute the food relief to the areas most in need.

Why did we choose Action Against Hunger as a partner? Because with thousands of volunteers all over the world, and a 30-year track record of providing non-governmental, non-profit, non-religious humanitarian action, we were totally confident that our plate4plate donations would be distributed to the right people in the right places.

Plate4plate is funded through the profits of Zambrero, which means we’re never going to ask you for money. All you have to do is enjoy any delicious meal from our fresh, healthy menu and we’ll donate a meal in return—a definite win-win!

With your support, as Zambrero grows, the number of people we can feed increases and we hope it goes a little way to helping reduce world poverty. Thank you for helping us to help them!"