Pardon my deplorable camera skills. I am definitely a better eater than an artist!  We opted for eats at Bivouac before Pedro's Rooftop Party.  Post giggling ensued watching Napoleon Dynamite at Rooftop Movies followed by a dj set by Pedro himself. HILARE. I keep on going back to Bivouac and I would definitely say it is my favourite go to restaurant at the moment.  Honest produce driven food, vibrant staff and a well equipped bar.  They always use organic, free range and local produce wherever possible and it really shines through their tasty offerings.


Thom Yums to start ... whisky sour with a chilli kick.

The latest exhibition on the canteen walls is Milk by Mow Skowz. It reminded me of having a nightmare about teletubbies.

"They're pretty good, except for one little problem. That little guy right there. He is nipple number five. A good dairy cow should have, like, four." Pedro


I LOVE the staff at Bivouac ... so much so I could/should/do call them my friends. I always let them take over and do the ordering.  I never let anyone do the ordering ... so that says something.

Orange & rosemary sicilian green olives ... UM succulent! Patatas bravas are a new addition and oh so salty and flavoursome like the gems at bottom of a chip bag.


Cider braised mussels, chorizo and fennel. Oh so tasty and we ordered another round of turkish bread to mop up all the liquid goodness.  I did think about just gulping down the rest of the sauce ... I totally would have done that at home or if no one was watching.


Greek lamp backstrap, zucchini, kalamata olives, tzatziki and mint pizza. Pan-friend gnocchi, cauliflower, purple basil, stracchino and toasted almonds. Crispy Linley Valley pork belly, broccolini and horseradish cream. Secret Menu Steak ... this was all kinds of awesome! A hunk of beef marinated for 12 hours in home made red wine with smashed potatoes and white bean puree. We did consider ordering one more god damn I could eat it now.  We left full and happy and I still found it in me to eat popcorn.

A bivouac is designed for rest and recuperation and that's what we're all about.