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It is always too long between ... ummm breakfasts with Liz.  When we catch up its always amaze! Liz has her own blog Breakfast in Perth and is getting pretty famous now!  Very exciting that she is taking her writing to the next level under the wing of Rob Broadfield for the Good Food Guide.  AMAZING! So proud! We spent the morning pondering food, friends, reminiscing on Teknoscape days and Perth Dance Music Awards. I eat so healthy at home and at work ... its the dining out where I tend to be extravagant.  For the average person that is fine. That is what life is about ... every now and then going out and spoiling yourself.  BUT my butt has been expanding due to the fact that I eat out a hell a lot more than your average Joanne.

I ordered the vegan stack.  Not something I would usually order but I just felt like having salad for breakfast seeing as my cold has stopped me from sweating out in the hot room.  Caitlin (best barista and full of fun) informed they were out of avocado but had added honeyed parsnip. Naturally the chickpea fritter was a little dry but the aioli and juiciness of the tomatoes made up for it.  The parsnip was definitely a welcome addition and the verde added freshness.  So nice to walk away from breky not in a carb coma!

I thought the food was really reasonably priced and it was so damn good to order a Caitlin again.   Free wifi is always a plus too!  Don't read all the urban goon reviews until you have made up your own mind.


Vegan Stack ~ chickpea fritter, field mushrooms, avocado, slow roasted tomatoes, salsa verde and tofu aioli Mex Eggs ~ scrambled eggs with green pepper and tomato salsa, smoked bacon, corn relish sour cream and jalapenos wrapped in a flour tortilla


THE CAITLIN: ristretto, honey, ice + a red haired barista These bad boys have gotten me through many many meetings.

Bored with your breakfast? Then you simply must  check out Liz's blog.