La Cholita

I am quite happy to ride the mexican wave that is crashing down on Perth at the moment. I have been to La Cholita a few times now and I think the trick is ... embark on this adventure with friends who want to order for Africa.  This is always the best case scenario.  Damn you two people date night ... you just cannot sample enough in my opinion.  Maybe that is why I try and turn every catch up into a social fiasco. Was perfect to drown my sorrows with my Moogni (collective term for the three of us ... don't ever ask ... it's totally gay) over Tamarind Jarrito as they are both leaving me for fun times abroad. 20120423-215750.jpg

Entradas: Guacamole, crispy flour tortilla, Market ceviche, Mexican street corn,Taco ~ beef cheek, pico de gallo, Quesadillas ~ chorizo, queso corelo


Fuertes: Wood roasted pork hock, recado rojo with Mexican rice - HOLY SHIT I will now order this every time.  You simply have to poke it with your fork and all that ham hock goodness just falls off the bone.  (Homer Simpson drool ... urghhhhhh).


Dulce de leche chimichanga - a devillish good dessert (an icrecream burrito deep fried and served with a condensed milk like sticky sugary caramel-y sauce.  YUM.