The Precinct

You had me at "try the brown ale paired with lamb sliders". It is always reassuring when the wait staff know way more than you. So already my first impression of The Precinct was a big thumbs up. I love the layout of The Precinct. Warm and welcoming making you want to bring a hungry bunch and huddle around the round table sharing copious bottles of wines. The staff are just ace. They know the menu and are pretty good at reading people. Once word gets out this place will be packed all the time. Nice to venture a little east of the city for a change. This place is perfect at both ends of the spectrum. From lazy eats with one or two to a special birthday with an armful of friends.

The charcuterie board was a great selection of offerings. I love picky food where you sample bits and pieces. It's like looking into the chefs mind to see what he is a little obsessed with at the moment. The rabbit really stood out, it's richness perfectly matched with tart little cornichons and the sweet toasted fruit bread. Chicken liver parfait was silky and rich. Our sticky turkey wings were a nice surprise. Typical of turkey the meat was a little dry but the texture almost vanished when wrapped in that crisp caramelised skin.

I love that junk food has been reincarnated into dude food sporting seasonal produce. Out with overpriced "tapas" in with tummy filling dude food. The little lamb sliders (on three different buns) were like gnawing on crispy lamb chops straight off the barbeque. Nom nom.

Everyone had been raving about the gnocchi so it was on the top of my hit list. I really loved the marriage flavours but I am deinitely a fluffy pillow kind of girl. My bf said I was just being fussy and he thought the density of the gnocchi balanced out the light creamy sauce. I still ate my fair share of the plate though!

We ended on a sweet note with decadent chocolate truffles and a little ten year old french drop "mas amiel cuvee" walking away full, happy and only $150 down.

Pretty damn good The Precinct. See you again on Thursday!




brooklyn brown ale (x3) charcuterie plate lamb sliders trio turkey wings, chilli and lime gnocchi, almonds, pulled pork drunkin truffles mas amiel cuvee speciale 10YO, france (x2) espresso and flat white