The Precinct

Nestled in the heart of Vic Park this little eatery is fast becoming a favourite.  We celebrated Karina's belated birthday breakfast at The Precinct.  Warm and inviting with an organic relaxed feel serving up fresh seasonal produce with it's own little twist.  A winning formula that it is most certainly working well with the place bustling of full tables and happy patrons.

We did have to wait a little for our orders which I have come to expect on a Sunday with a full house.  The wait was worth every minute and it's always nice to ogle your plate with a rumbling tummy. My green eggs and ham were presented in such a kooky fashion  that Dr Seuss himself would be proud.  The spinach foam was delicate and bursting with flavour, and the eggs perfectly set.  Toasties crammed with peanut butter, bacon and banana were beckoning so we ordered a serve to all share.  I think I have found my new hangover go to.  The bean cassoulet and herbed soft polenta were both tasty, wholesome dishes.

Thank you for another charming experience.  We will be back.

  • green eggs & ham, confit tomatoes 18
  • peanut butter, bacon, banana toasty 10
  • breakfast cassoulet, beans, slow cooked eggs, pork 20
  • slow cooked eggs, soft polenta, confit tomatoes 16 + bacon 4