Rochelle Adonis

Mothers and Daughters high tea. Rochelle Adonis was the only option. Laughter, smiles, picture perfect high tea morsels amongst friends and the women who are your blood, soul and heart. Nothing short of sublime.


Savoury Roast red pepper soup, basil espuma Dolmades with saffron izabnch micro parsley Confit pork belly, pink lady gell, cerlapple* Bamboo charcoal ravioli, salmon mousse, beetroot salad hollandaise Classic cucumber sandwich

Palate Cleanser Raspberry and rhubarb paddle pop


Sweet Persimmon gallette with burnt honey and ginger cream Chocolate chestnut geniose Mint mousse, tangerine m-sponge, pomegranate and pistachio Liquorice "Meteorite" Italian meringue