a bowl of jelly

There is more to Northbridge than an 8 hour old slice of pizza.  With Fringe Festival breathing life into the city and PIAF around the corner, I am going to make a point of visiting this part of town more often.  Finally! The streets are bustling with my kinda  people and the food culture is slowly evolving.  

I love spotting new places that have popped up.  Longing for bubble tea after the Wau Wau Sisters in the Spiegeltent led me to Meet Fresh for herbal jelly.  I am a pretty crap Asian, my mother lost most of her Singaporean ways when she married my father, so I tend to fumble my way around an eastern menu.  This is probably why I ended up with a bowl of herbal jelly at midnight on a Friday.

Meet Fresh on Urbanspoon
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