Perth has a secret cake club!

Each month a group of likeminded souls plan and plot for a secret meeting of an ancient art.  The morning of the grand unveiling is spent preparing and perfecting with only one thing in mind.  CAKE. 

This secret meeting of those who love to bake was started by my wonderful food loving friends Jacqui (Pantry in Suburbia) and Carolanne (Carolanne's Kitchen).  In early 2012 the girls became the Perth arm of the Cladestine Cake Club.  Not wanting to stick to the rigid rules of the CCC and with Carolanne moving to South Africa,  Jacqui said the change in the air had her craving something new.  So Secret Cake Club was created and born out of a desire to bake freely!      

Spring always brings those feelings of yesteryear and the theme for last September was retro cakes from your childhood.  I was a little too frantic to pull out my mum's dogeared Women's Weekly cookbooks so I did what any smart person would do.  I attended, I listened, I ate. 

The next Secret Cake Club meeting is this Sunday, 5 May 2013.   The theme is to bring "you on a plate".  This means we will rock up armed with a dish, sweet or savoury, that reflects our very soul.   This is going to be interesting!