Winter is coming!

For some Winter means retreating for the warmth indoors, curled up on the couch clutching an earthy glass of red in one hand, remote control in the other. For the more adventurous, the colder months bring a snowstorm of entertainment.   The Winter Arts Festival is coming!

The last Friday of the next three months, sees the Winter Supper Club emerge at the Perth Town Hall.  It will have you warming up your hands on a cup of mulled wine whilst wandering hungrily amongst the food stalls.  It is the perfect way to end your working week or to drop in for a pre-show nibble.

The last time I watched Driving Miss Daisy was long, long ago so I am certainly looking forward to this Pulitzer Prize winning play. Angela Lansbury, fondly remembered from Bedknobs & Broomsticks and Murder She Wrote, stars as Miss Daisy with James Earl Jones cast as her faithful driver.  After rave reviews of sold out east coast shows, tickets will sell out quicker than you can say Mufasa!

I am also looking forward to dance works Wintering inspired by the choreographer’s voyage to the Artic and G, a contemporary rendition of the heart wrenching Giselle. Always a sucker for tradition, the beautiful production of Swan Lake will also be worth a look.

The Festival also brings a plethora of theatre and poetry readings.  Alienation has been inspired by interviews with Australian’s who believe they have encountered creatures from outer space.  Who isn’t totally down for an ET moment?!  Softly stepping out of my comfort zone, I have decided that this year I am also delving into the world of poetry. The Night Jar the space where we live out our dreams, filling it with dark secrets and desires’ looks rather intriguing and a good place to start.

On June 12 the Spanish Film Festival returns with eight delicious days of Spanish and Latin American films.   I plan on squeezing as many as I can, topped off with a generous flow of tapas and sangria. Then it is party time as the Revelation Film Festival turns sweet sixteen!  Returning to its spiritual home at Luna with an arsenal of independent films.  And finally, the movie I am most excited to see! Frodo & Co take a walk from the Shire and beyond with WASO. The epic film, Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, will be enriched by the orchestral sounds of WASO.  Amazing!

The Winter Arts Festival needs your support, in the same way your chilly feet needs those socks.   So find yourself in a theatre, gallery or cinema this Winter and retreat where it will warm your heart.