If Cantina 663 and el PUBLICO were your big brothers, the shoes to fill would be rather large.  

Ace Pizza was born into the world gifted with the same strong genes. Inheriting the trait of striking good looks, charisma and charm.  The trio, Alex Cuccovia, Paul Aron and Michael Forde, have fathered yet another gem to join the Beaufort Street family. 

You will find Ace in the shyer part of Mt Lawley, the telltale neon sign glowing from within, throwing green shadows onto the street where you must take the side entrance.   A big black couch tells your toosh to take a seat, relaxing here if you don't have a booking.  Otherwise you will retreat straight to a booth with a good bunch of friends sipping an Americano or two on tap.  Perched at the bar, you have a view of the open kitchen.  You can sit taking in the energy, watching the magic happen or marvel at the array of aperitifs and digestives.  Whether in a two, on a first date or a rowdy table of ten I feel that this place will do the trick. 

The menu is quite extensive and there is something for everyone.  Amongst the choices of pizza there are plates for sharing; dishes flamed in the wood grill and hearty offerings of pasta; whatever you fancy, Ace has got your back.  

The 'pork and pistachio slab' terrine was full of flavour.  Its gelatinous texture set off by the crisp pickled vegetables and house baked rye bread.    

Seriously, when was the last time you turned down deep fried cheesy pasta?  This is the second time I have ordered the 'fried mac and cheese', this time slathering  Ace chilli sauce all over the oozing cheesey cut slabs.


A gorgeous selection of mushies were served on a soft bed of buttery polenta and sprinkled with lashings of shaved cheese.  


The 'flat iron quail' from the Wood Grilled menu was succulent.  It is hard to enjoy these daintily!  The garlic aioli was salty working well with the refreshing fennel salad and orange cheek warmed on the chargrill.


Cynar and chinotto share the same herbaceous, bitter citrus notes.  Both muddled with mint and lemon and named 'the black doctor' made for the perfect mid meal digestive.


And it was our mains that really stole the show.  The fat pasta, rabbit and porcini was comforting and satisfying and it will be one of those meals that will definitely be ordered again. 


Now when I dream of lasagne I will dream of this.  

'Dad's lasagne' was served in a cast iron pan lovingly layered with béchamel, cheese and slowcooked beef tail.


nd we ended our meals the only way we know how, washed down with Italian specialties Averna and Amaro Montenegro.

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Ace Pizza will be the place to go over the coming months.  Delicious meals and pretty easy on the wallet. This is one Italian restaurant I would be happy to line up for.