light lunch

Oh Mrs S you always get it right!  I had forgotten how tranquil the cafe is after 2pm.  It is nice to beat the rush, sit down spreading out over the big table without anyone eyeing off your spot the moment you put down your fork and brush the crumbs from your mouth.  

The Manwich was a perfect love affair of pulled pork, beetroot pickle and salad embraced by a firm, fresh  ciabatta roll.   I love that the Autumn menu has an offering of tasty and decadent salads which all seem healthy enough to warrant #cleaneating.  The nutty wild rice and charred pumpkin salad was riddled with cranberries, pecans and pepitas adding texture and crunch.  The salad of French green lentils laden with gorgonzola, pear and broad beans had a beautiful balance of flavouts set off by the bitter salad leaves.   

A perfectly light lunch with a perfect pair of friends.

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