When it comes to suspenseful films, I will find any excuse to leave the room.  I will iron your tea towels, darn your socks or polish every single piece of cutlery, one by one.  As soon as I draw in that short breath, pulse quickening, I will do any level of the mundane to take me away from that screen.  I would prefer to half watch, my mind wandering to a safer place. 

When the Spanish Film Festival season was released I excitedly selected a few films at random.  The End or 'Fin' to our Spanish speaking amigos, was at the top of that hastily chosen list.  I prefer to think of myself as a happy endings kind of girl.  I am particularly pathetic during thrillers, forever squirming at the unknown.  I simply hate being in suspense.

When the film synopsis reads that you will be 'glued to your seat right up until its last haunting moments' you know you are going to love it or hate it.  So I enlisted my friend Shanon; the suspense junkie.  I knew she would be keen to get her fix and wouldn't mind holding my hand.

The End tells the story of a group of old friends celebrating a 20 year reunion in a secluded mountain cabin.  It is a time to reminisce, drinking and telling stories around the bonfire.  They group catch up on lost moments and some they would rather forget.   A series of unexplained events occur, and it all gets a little eerie.  I won't give too much away!

The End is a movie that will keep you glued to the screen whether petrified or enthralled.  Definitely a film to watch this season so head down to Cinema Paradiso on Saturday, 22 June for it's final viewing.