Breakfast Beer + Doughnuts


Beer and doughnuts at breakfast?  Yeah why not.  The Precinct is always full of such lovely surprises known for adding twists to old classics.  It is not often I stray into this part of town but my experiences at The Precinct have always been good ones.  It has all the makings of a wonderful local and yet it also worth the trek.  Friendly knowledgeable staff, lots of room to move about, an innovative drinks menu and beautiful creative food.   

We thought we would forego the usual Sunday order of a Bloody Mary, opting for the recommended Moa Breakfast Beer.  It was clean, lightly dancing on the palate.  Full of berry flavours reminiscent of a packet of strawberries and cream.  


Tay and I ordered the French toast served soft and fluffy laden with aromatic exotic mushrooms, punchy rocket dotted with fresh herbs and labne.  I had a day of dining ahead so I welcomed this lighter style dish.  The boys opted for eggs on toast adding side dishes to pimp their plates.  

I just love the slow eggs and sous vide scrambled eggs at The Precinct.  They are carefully and gently cooked on a low heat to which results in such a silky texture.  It isn't for everyone but I love my eggs runny.  There is nothing worse than a hard yoke!  

We shared a serve of caramel doughnuts which  were just out of this world!  The sugary doughnut balls were injected with salted caramel served with a delicate espresso chantilly cream to dunk them in.  Such a cheeky option if you are looking for something sweet at breakfast.  We just ordered one serve between six each savouring the decadent few bites, which after a fulfilling  meal is really more than enough.  

Beer and doughnuts on a Sunday morning .. what more could you want?

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