A winter of chocolate and wine

The comforting aroma of mulled wine lingered through the air at the launch of the Winter Arts Festival.  Those that followed their noses were led to the the stall of Sue Lewis.  Although serving delicious cups of unfreeze your fingers spiced mulled wine, Sue Lewis is best known as an artisan chocolatier.  With a focus on organic, seasonal produce and using ethical and only the purest of ingredients, each chocolate is lovingly handcrafted shining with its own character and flair.  From a cheeky salted caramel which bursts upon first bite to the delicate and dainty rose, and the opulent champagne truffles which sparkle.  You can taste's Sue's dedication, passion and pure love for chocolate in each ball of awesome. 

 In December, Sue opened up the doors of her intimate chocolate shop at 44 Derby Street, Subiaco.  You can find local producers like Sue Lewis at the Winter Supper Club on the last Friday of each month over the Festival.