Sayers Sister

"Oh my god you are engaged!" were the words heard by patrons enjoying their breakfast late Sunday morning.  They peered over coffee cups, watching me shake my friend Rhian whilst grinning like the Chesire Cat.  Catching up with an old friend is always lovely but catching up during life's most momentous occasions is just amazing.  Breakfast at Sayers Sister was the perfect place to celebrate.   

Mark & Stef Sayers brought breakfast to life in 2006.  Sayers Food opened its doors in Leederville, offering a relaxed, cheerful vibe and an evolving seasonal menu that people line up for time and time again.  This little cafe, so long ago, opened up my eyes as to how fabulous breakfast should be.  Sayers were among the very few who set the standard; bespoke coffee, perfect eggs and a produce driven breakfast menu.  Oh and some of the best banana bread I have ever enjoyed.  It was no surprise when I heard that another Sayers was brewing.       

Sayers Sister opened in the later half of 2012 and has been enjoying the same attention as its older brother.  I love the fresh flowers against the vintage decor, the long polished concrete table constantly full of cakes and chattering people, and the Mad Hatter's high backed chairs.  It is like being at Alice's tea party with all the pretty crockery.  The only madness is lining up for a table!

Photo credit: This stunning image is by  Jason Thomas . 

Photo credit: This stunning image is by Jason Thomas

We lined up, happily waiting, discussing sparkling diamond rings and weddings. Sayers Sisters has one of those menus with almost too much to contemplate.  I am always battling over a selection of savoury or sweet.  So I took the easy road, ordering something sweet to share.  

We sipped on our coffees, oohing over our comforting plate of pumpkin bread, cutting off little slices and slathering them in maple butter. And then it was time for our mains ….oh my.  I ordered the potato rosti with bramley apple and thyme chutney served with two poached eggs, bacon and rocket.  Rhi enjoyed the corned beef hash cake with fried eggs, toasted ciabatta and relish.  A gorgeous breakfast to complete a blissful weekend of celebrations.

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