​Ain't no party like a cheese toast party!

With its namesake a clever play on Wu-Tang words, Toastface Grillah was carefully curated to reign supreme.  You can't help but  think .. how was this not thought of earlier?! 

Tucked away down Grand Lane (home to Lightspace Lockers amongst other sweet projects) this little toastie joint breathes life into a somewhat seedier part of the 'hood.  

The sunny outdoor area is a mix of crates and makeshift seats making it the perfect place to hang as you suck up some rays or shelter from the  rain.  


Relax, kick your sneakered feet up and knock back a coffee (which I hear is first rate) or in my case a bottle of Sarsaparilla whilst you wait for the magic.   

We ordered an Apple & Gouda and a Ham & Cheese both ticking all the right boxes and gobbled down in seconds.   I think what makes a good toastie are a) two thick slabs of wonderful white bread b) a generous application of salty butter 30 good quality (and plentiful) cheese and trimmings and d) it must be thrown onto the grill at the right temperature instantly sizzling the butter warming up to golden brown as the cheese slowly melts down the sides.  

Whilst I would have loved to tear through the menu chowing down multiple toasties my gluten hatin' tummy would not have left smiling.  But that's okay ... I am quite alright with tackling each menu item one visit at a time.  

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