Buenas noches

Months can pass before we synchronise calendars to spend some much needed time together.  I love that even we can still be the same four friends we were seven years ago no matter how many lunar cycles have passed.  

As much as we love eating out it is sometimes the simple nights over home-cooked meals that are the most memorable.   I am  happiest in the kitchen busily throwing together dishfuls of flavour whilst we trade secrets over a glass of red wine. 

Mexican homecooking

The Menu ...

Strawberry Gazpacho from Dani Valent's In the Mix 2 cookbook
Iceberg lettuce chunks with chilli mayo
Oven baked corn cobs with paprika butter
Chipotle and ancho chicken tenderloins with lime wedges
Jalapeno guacamole
Old Lira pizza bases with cheese and chorizo 
Tomato medley with persian fetta and torn basil

The Inspiration ...