Eat Drink Blog was held over Summer at Perth City Farm and it was many wonderful things.  Blissful memories of eating food, talking about food, talking about writing about food and being surrounded with people who just love food full stop.   Whilst all the food kerfuffle was pretty damn good, I would have to say that one of the highlights was meeting Miss Whitney Ng of dinewhitme.com.  

Whit, which is what I now have the pleasure of calling her as we are pals, is one bundle of immense talent.  She is the baby of our little food circle but only by age. In the short five months since we met, I have admired her awesomeness and been blessed with her wisdom, skills and friendship that she generously shares. She is one of the brightest writers I know and takes a pretty mean photo. She is shooting for the stars but is a little limited without the real tools of the trade (ie. big fk off flash, camera and other fancy stuff). The stomach carries the heart is a Pozible project for our dear little friend to 'dream a little bigger'. This is a such a great project to contribute towards and it has my full support!

The world is your oyster Whit!