Every now and then an event comes around that you simply cannot miss. When the whispers that the tickets were online, my tummy flipped and my pulse quickened.  I exhaled such a sigh of relief and may have even squealed a little.  The Kinfolk Table yeah yeah yeaaaahhhhh!  

I feel a little giddy that  knowing that I will be in the presence of two oh so talented beings  Stacey Clark and Loren Ioppola.  Stacey is an amazing stylist whose work will take your breath away.  Loren goes by Nectarine Photography and her photos are just stunning.  She captured many magical moments for my friends Ang & Cam on their wedding day.   

And to top it off I get to share this event with my beautiful friend Nanette for her bdazzle and two of my favourite food loving girlfriends.  

Hurry up October 27 ...