(WO)MAN v MEATBALL - eating competition at Lalla Rookh

Damn girl! Judging by the way she can handle a burger, you'd think Nicole Lau had the blood of competitive eating champions coursing through her veins.  Whilst her mama didn't take out the crown for Miss Eatin' Apple Pie in 1962, Nicole has certainly been raised as a hell of a good eater.   

The infamous Man v Meatball eating competition is on at Lalla Rookh tomorrow night!  I've got money ridin' on this meatball scoffing babe and we had a quick chat before the big day. 


Super pumped you are entering Man v Meatball!  Is this your first tangle with competitive eating? 
've entered two competitive eating competitions already, nachos, hot dogs and hands free pizza eating.  On a side note did you know that triangular nacho chips are mighty hard to digest?  Although I'm yet to take out the title, I can see the meatball glory from here! 

What is your greatest dining achievement?  
My greatest achievement would probably be staying at the all you can eat sushi train for 2 hours without stopping.

If you had a soundtrack to eat meatballs to what would your top 5 songs be? 
Too legit to quit – MC Hammer
Not Many - Dcribe
In da Club - 50 Cent
Notorious B.I.G. - Notorious B.I.G.
My closing track would have to be "Bye bye bye - Nsync".  I know it ain't ghetto but I feel it's pretty poetic, na mean?

What will you be doing this week in preparation for Man v Meatball?
I work at Old Faithful so I'm going to make sure I consume as much meat as humanly possible on my breaks to prep for this mofo of a competition.

Will you actually eat on Thursday before the comp?
Of course! If you're not eating, you ain't living. I'll probably start the day with a big breakfast somewhere.

You've obviously eaten at Lalla Rookh before, any hot tips for what the audience should be ordering?
Anything and everything, you can't go wrong with a single item on that menu. Chef’s Bone marrow is seriously legit.

What would your idea of a nightmare food eating competition be?
Anchovies … ewwww. Ain't nobody got time fo dat!

And a little word to your competitors …
Chiggedy check yo'self before you wreck yourself.

You can cheer on Nicole as she takes on her fierce competitors at Lalla Rookh's Man v Meatball competition tomorrow, Thurs 23 April.  Entries open at 5pm and comp starts at 5.30pm.