Strolling to the Portland Farmers Markets in the blistering cold, hoodies on and hands scrambling for warmth in pockets, had me wishing our Portland adventure was in spring. The markets would be brimming with sunflowers, brightly hued vegetables and stall after stall would be abuzz.

Instead, the cold snap which brought snow the following day, had us hopping around to shake off the morning chill. The markets are open all year round. Located in the perfectly American surrounds of Portland's State University with the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall and Portland Art Museum close by. Whilst the stalls were a little slim, many local food vendors and artisans braved the cold to keep us warm from the inside out.  

Mandy King is the creator of Money Bowl, a food stall dishing up SW Chinese Remedies. A cure for the frozen with hot rice noodle bowls, Sichuan hot pot veggie bowl and sticky rice balls on the menu. 

Easily one of my favourite meals on our Portland trip was Money Bowl's Char Shao rice ball. BBQ pork, dried radish, woods ear mushroom and spices hidden in the centre with a Special tea egg. Only $5.50! 

Get your hands on hot tamales at Salvador Molly's. At the restaurant the Molly's mob delve into South American eats and pop up with steamed tamales. The artichoke and gotija cheese tamale delivered.  

A New Mexico style breakfast burrito was a hit at Enchanted Sun Burritos. Crammed with scrambled eggs, seasoned potatoes, NM green chile and Tillamook cheddar cheese in a warm flour tortilla with mandatory bacon or sausage.