that unconditional love

We first met when Mischa was 8 weeks old.  She curled up into a shy little ball in my lap on the drive home.  Enduring sleepless nights of puppy crying, it was not long before she was lifted up to sleep on her little corner of the bed.  She was far too cute not to cuddle! 

From puppy training to chewed up shoes, sleeping in the cleans clothes basket (something she never grew out of) and ripped up gardens, she was always up to mischief.  We had been through heart breaks together, both eating all day and lazing on the couch watching movies, moved house twice, enjoyed summer afternoons in the park and wintery nights tucked up in bed.  You forget that they go through everything with you and are always there. 

After nine years of that unconditional love that only dogs can give, we had to sadly say goodbye.   The house feels empty, I have more room on my bed and I miss having Mischa under my feet. 

You will be missed my little Mu.