I Want You

I Want You is the sequel to the teen smash Three Meters Above the Skye based on the novel of the same name by Federico Moccia. Its predecessor followed the story of charismatic bad boy biker Hache played by Spanish dreamboat Mario Casas.

A typical love story: handsome Hache meets rich girl called Babi (Maria Valverde).  He is from the wrong side of the tracks but with his charm and good looks he starts to win her over.  The beautiful Babi falls in love with bad boy, much to the dismay of her affluent parents.  She sees his soft side, they lock eyes, make out and declare their undying and eternal love.  Then the movie climaxes ending in tragedy, complete with screams, sobbing and motor bikes. Babi and Hache are no more.  He then flees London after the dramatic death of his best friend.

Given I had not seen the first film I found the plot just a little hard to follow.  I said to my friend it was some strange cross between Romeo & Juliet, The Fast & the Furious and Centre Stage. 

I Want You follows troubled Hache who returns to Barcelona after two years in London.  He dreams to rekindle the flame with his ex love Babi.  A mystery girl, the independent and vivacious Gin (Clara Lago), enters his life and for the first time in a long time, those puppy dog eyes return.   Hache struggles to be true to his new love when Babi reappears into his life.  Temptation is too strong and he leaves Gin when she needs him most.  There are tears, his world crumbles and the movie again climaxes with a motorbike race. Thankfully this time, there is a happily ever after.

I Want You is the perfect unrequited love story for a teenage audience or those seeking to relive those years of romance and rebellion during the Spanish Film Festival.



When it comes to suspenseful films, I will find any excuse to leave the room.  I will iron your tea towels, darn your socks or polish every single piece of cutlery, one by one.  As soon as I draw in that short breath, pulse quickening, I will do any level of the mundane to take me away from that screen.  I would prefer to half watch, my mind wandering to a safer place. 

When the Spanish Film Festival season was released I excitedly selected a few films at random.  The End or 'Fin' to our Spanish speaking amigos, was at the top of that hastily chosen list.  I prefer to think of myself as a happy endings kind of girl.  I am particularly pathetic during thrillers, forever squirming at the unknown.  I simply hate being in suspense.

When the film synopsis reads that you will be 'glued to your seat right up until its last haunting moments' you know you are going to love it or hate it.  So I enlisted my friend Shanon; the suspense junkie.  I knew she would be keen to get her fix and wouldn't mind holding my hand.

The End tells the story of a group of old friends celebrating a 20 year reunion in a secluded mountain cabin.  It is a time to reminisce, drinking and telling stories around the bonfire.  They group catch up on lost moments and some they would rather forget.   A series of unexplained events occur, and it all gets a little eerie.  I won't give too much away!

The End is a movie that will keep you glued to the screen whether petrified or enthralled.  Definitely a film to watch this season so head down to Cinema Paradiso on Saturday, 22 June for it's final viewing. 


Spanish Film Festival

The Spanish Film Festival returns to its spiritual home, Cinema Paradiso, tomorrow night.  A Gun in Each Hand opens the Festival featuring one of the most star-studded casts in Latin American cinema. Celebrate the opening of the Festival with this irresistible  film followed by a Spanish soiree with drinks courtesy of Estrella Damn and Torres Wines whilst you immerse yourself in tapas and entertainment. 

Whilst I sadly cannot attend opening night, I am look forward to seeing the following films over the coming week:  

The Artist and the Model 
She Doesn't Want to Sleep Alone
I Want You
The End

Seems like there is some kind of tragic harrowing love story theme going on there!

El Último Hielero

The Last Ice Merchant follows 67 year old Baltazar Ushca.  For the last 50 years he has followed family tradition making a living from harvesting the rich, mineral-infused ice from Ecuador’s Mount Chimborazo.   This touching short film is definitely worth 15 minutes of your day.