Kinfolk workshop: wreath making

The aroma of wildflowers mixed with freshly ground coffee filled the air, as we escaped the heat in the cool comfort of The Tenth State.  This blissful shop, come café, is a treasure trove of delights and on a scorching hot Sunday afternoon in December, the home of a Kinfolk workshop.


We swapped names and smiles whilst milling about, stocking up on gifts and guilty pleasures.  I spied a canary yellow rhino vase and cheekily purchased it for my boyfriend (ie. myself) and found a handful of cute cards to see me through the first months of the year.

These local Kinfolk adventures are curated by the infectious, Stacey Clark. A bubbly and damn talented local stylist bent up an Agrarian living and capturing/creating life at its dreamiest.  During our last Kinfolk moment we gathered around long tables laden with hearty home-style cooking in the hearth of a beautiful up-cycled home.  To get an inkling of the magic we call Kinfolk you must watch this video.

This time we gathered to celebrate Mother Nature and the good old time of the Yule.   Bec of Fox Rabbit, a flower fairy who makes anything green look good, took us through the nifty craft of wreath making, using the bright and rustic hues of native Australian flora. 

Photo by Glenn of  Still Love

Photo by Glenn of Still Love

We perched cosily in The Tenth State’s intimate rear studio, tools laid before us.   As we selected flowers and leaves and wired away, I remembered how much I had loved getting all crafty.  As age sets in you find yourself reminiscing whilst flicking through magazines, saying things like ‘next Summer I will make that’ or ‘next weekend I will find the time’.  In the hectic lifestyles we all lead, those simple acts that make your soul smile are so easy to forget.

Kinfolk is all about bringing local partners together for the greater good (feeding Kinfolk-ers and making them feel loved).  We were spoilt with treats to sustain the tummy and smother the heart.  We snacked on a bounty of the sweetest popcorn you have ever tasted by The Pop Institute and divine Bahen & Co chocolate. Washing away the heat of the day with icy, crisp cider from Custard & Co.  We clutched our keepsakes for the day; a gorgeous Mitchell & Dent illustration and an adorable Kinfolk decoration.

Photo by Glenn of  Still Love

Photo by Glenn of Still Love

Trading coos and compliments over our collection of masterpieces we braved the heat clutching our wreaths for photos by the ever so clever Glenn of Still Love Photography. We sipped ice coffee and shared a moment of glee with our final creations!  How bad ass are my skills?!

Photo by Glenn of  Still Love 

Photo by Glenn of Still Love 


Our dreamy day closed on a sumptuous spread that had Stacey's ethereal touch. Her attention to detail always results in a scene that makes you simply *sigh*.  Over delicious meats, gooey cheese and a wholesome kale salad we shared tales and tribulations on the topics of wreath making, life and our busy Summers ahead.  Kinfolk is the perfect way to meet new friends and enjoy the magic of the season.