DRINK 🍸 | THE LIBRARY (Singapore)

Update Nov 2017: this bar is now closed

The Library Singapore

Inspired by the Speakeasy bars during the Prohibition Era, The Library is a bit of a secret.  You even need a password to get in.  When you peer through the glass door at 47 Keong Saik Road (Singapore) all you see is a bookshelf adorned with books on pop art and architecture.  Behind that bookshelf, is a secret chamber flanked by mirrors tinged in red.  

The door swings open and you feel like you have stepped into a steampunk version of the roaring 20s.  Drowned in music, the copper bolted bar takes the spotlight and thirst overcomes you as you take in the visual feast.  

Former film student, Stefan Ravalli, is the brains behind this hidden bar adding his own style of assault of the dramatic to the Singapore scene.  We were lucky to have Stefan behind the bar that night and tried to order everything on the menu.

'We're not bartender poets.  We can't juggle.  
 We're not mixologists.
But we do love making drinks. 

We want to put the fun back into cocktails.  
All our drinks are made with the finest Singapore has to offer; hand-squeezed juices, fresh fruit and herbs, quality liquor we know
and love, and homemade ingredients;
all served up with fancy garnishes and unusual presentations. 
We take our drinks seriously so you don't have to.'

Ice Queen  - an aromatic collision of apple brandy, Yellow Chartreuese and Amaro Montenegro. Made zesty with equal parts lime and a dash of aromatic bitters.  You can have all the turkish delight you want. 


Silver Screen
A Hollywood old fashioned from back when drinks were drinks - popcorn-infused Elijah Craig 12 year bourbon stirred slowly with sweet toffee apple syrup and a dash of 3D bitters.  All done in one take, like a real pro. 


We Speak No Americano
We took the Negroni back to it's Yankee roots; Belvedere Cytrus vodka, shaken with Lillet blanc and Aperol, a lick of our Electric butters and an injection of fizz.


Top Secret
White calvados and Aperol, sneaking around with a touch of lemon, house-made raspberry grenadine, egg white and yoghurt powder.  Served straight up with a shocking relevation. 

Barsol pisco and fresh passionfruit, teamed with aromatic chamomile tea and our spiced pineapple shrub.  Served long with a smoking passionfruit 'egg', pineapple leaves, mint sprigs, and all manner of tiki overkill. 

Wonky Donkey
Manuka honey, vodka, fresh cucumber and lime, spiked with orange bitters, roseate, and a slug of our house ginger beer.  Served in a copper mug with mint sprigs and cucumber.

Permanent Surprise
 Botanically-modified Junmai sake is given a lift with watermelon shrub, Strega and chili.  Pressurised with CO2 in our favourite high-tech shaker and paired with a side of kimchi.  You'd hardly recognise it.