The Bivs

'A bivouac is designed for rest and recuperation and that’s what we’re all about.'

Many a night have seen us take shelter at Bivouac, hiding from the merciless amount of dishes I create whilst cooking and the food shop that I should have done yesterday.  

The menu boasts Middle Eastern flavours, with delicious little pomegranate gems finding their way through many dishes.  The Bivs, as we affectionately call it, is the perfect place to retreat with friends.


Last time we tucked into:  

porcini & goat cheese croquettes, truffle mayo
pizza ~ sucuk turkish sausage, red pepper, wild iranian fig, ricotta, dukkah
spiced cauliflower, goat curd, currants
 slow cooked beef cheeks, jester potato, brussel sprouts, braising liquor, carrot jam & harissa
 egyptian spiced panna cotta, dried persian fruit compote, candied popcorn

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