🍫🍫 | BETA5 (Vancouver)

In the belly of industrial Vancouver you'll find internationally revered chocolate and pastry creators/innovators/wizards, BETA5. An absolute MUST on any trip to Van City. You're only an Insta-stalk away from realising why. 

I somehow managed (so what if I ran to to the counter) to nab the last Douglas Fir cream. Sold out sticker triumphantly displayed above... glory moment! Limited edition sh*t gets me every time.

Douglas Fir: infused custard 72% dark chocolate mousse | 72% dark chocolate cremeux | pistachio sponge cake | dark chocolate mushroom. 

Beta5 Chocolate

Each season BETA5 release a new collection. Fall 2015 ensemble: roasted beet - ginger, porcini, pear - gingerbread, salted milk chocolate, spiced pumpkin and sage.

Beta5 Chocolate

Don't leave without a box of BETA5's signature collection of award-winning chocolates. Smash hits are Fisherman's Friend, the Whole Cherry, Bay Leaf, Tropical Crunch and Imperial Stout. With added extras and house favourites Jasmine Tea,Caramelised Banana and Salted Chocolate Caramels. 


413 Industrial Avenue, Vancouver. BC
V6A 2P8, V6B 2L3  map
Located in the purple-peach building
beta-5.com Facebook Instagram
☎️ 604.669.3336 info@beta-5.com
Tues – Fri 10.30am – 5.30pm
Sat – Sun 10am – 5pm