A CONVERSATION WITH Charlie Hunton - Sea Circus, Bali

Let's run away with the circus or just straight to Sea Circus, a quirky little space in Seminyak serving coffee, cocktails and gorgeous eats.  Here is my conversation with the lovely Charlie Hunton. 

Who are the ringmasters behind Sea Circus?

Charlie Hunton {London} and Josh Herdman {Melbourne}

The food at Sea Circus is amazing. Who is the brains in the kitchen?

We have a lot of fun curating the circus menu. Both Josh and I are voracious travellers. We collect flavours from sleepless stateside cities, sleepy mexican beach towns and everywhere in between. Since opening we have worked with a few key chefs {from Australia & New York} to keep the menu fresh and the food fun.

What other adventures have the owners had with venues?

Josh owns a retail shop just next to Sea Circus, called Bali Boat Shed.

Do you have anything else bubbling?

Maybe... just maybe!

It feels as though Mister Zimi breathes the perfect Sea Circus attire! Are the businesses related or just really good friends?

Mister Zimi are close friends of ours in Bali. Josh knew Jimi from Melbourne. Charlie became Bali besties with Zoe. We pretty much arrived here at the same time and instantly bonded over island life and growing businesses ... and maybe a few cocktails too!

Your Rocket Fuel coffee was the best icy cold coffee I have ever tasted! What is the process?

We got hooked on this one too during to a Five Senses barista trip to Bali earlier this year. The bean is a custom roasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. The process is an 8 hour cold extraction. The taste: light and floral.


What are your favourite dishes on the menu at the moment?

Easy. The pulled pork taco, the snapper ceviche and the churros. {yes, i may have Mexico on my mind}. Although I am super excited about a dish we are about to get onto the menu: acai bowls. My fiance lives in Hawaii and when i'm over there this is my daily breakfast. The acai bowl is to Hawaii as the croissant is to Paris. Excited to get this superfood into Bali!

Where are your favourite 3 Bali haunts other than Sea Circus ....

For a drink at Sunset for blow your mind cocktails?

Potato Head

For coffee?


For traditional Indonesian fare?

Any local 'Padang 'joint if i'm wearing havaianas. Or Mamasan/Sarong if i feel like putting on my Chloe heels.

For an escape?

Raw food at Yoga Barn in Ubud.