MARY STREET BAKERY soldiers for breakfast

The resurgence of familiar flavours from the past are always welcome, especially at breakfast.  The guys at Mary Street Bakery don't just keep up with food trends, they are ahead of the curve with kimchee gracing the menu amongst good old fashioned favourites.  Nothing stirs up old childhood memories more than googy eggs, buttered soldiers and a decent pinch of salt.  

No longer tucked away in lunch boxes, the MSB muesli bar sits prettily aside potted yoghurt and seasonal poached fruits.  

Donuts have made a comeback on menus and are gaining even more momentum since the New York City cronut revolution.  Everyone has been trying their hand at these sugary balls of delight and Mary Street Bakery's are what dreams are made of. Soft and pillowy oozing with apple cream and enough sugar to make Sarah Wilson go nuts.  

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